Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation

Annual Appeal
A thank you note sent to CHEF by a recent Teacher Mini-Grant recipient:

“My students had a wonderful time-traveling experience, learning how to read in two of history’s most ancient languages…I have been implementing this activity in my classroom for many years, always covering the cost from my own pocket. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your support in being able to offer this activity for all of my students.”

It is the mission of the Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation (CHEF) mission to help teachers and students in a variety of ways. Besides the Mini-Grant program, CHEF funds scholarships for students in the Performing Arts and Education and is constantly looking to support new and innovative ways, such as the recent Challenge Day Program, to strengthen the teaching and learning in the district. Thank you in advance for supporting education. CHEF hopes to grow its endowment in order to fund programs to make a difference in the future of education at Cape.

Please download the CHEF Pledge Donation Form HERE