About us

The Cape Henlopen Educational Fund

CHEF raises funds to finance special projects that enhance teaching and learning in the district schools. CHEF’s Board comprised of local business people, educators, and community volunteers, operates independently of the Cape Henlopen School District. As a 501(C)(3) organization, CHEF is the vehicle by which donors may give tax deductible donations to support grants and scholarships for teachers and students in the Cape Henlopen Schools.

What we do
• Provide “mini” grant awards for teachers with special interests or projects. • Offer scholarships to students who desire to return to Cape to teach. • Supplement support of extra-curricular areas such as the performing ars and athletics. • Support early childhood education initiatives. • Support collaborations between the Cape District and local colleges and schools to provide a wider range of vocational and technical programs. • Support the Superintendent’s Citizenship Honor Award Program.

You Can Help
The Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation offers many opportunities for you to contribute. • Help with a fundraising event for one of CHEF’s many projects. • Volunteer to serve on the board or one of its committees – fundraising, communications, grant distribution, finance & budget. • Establish a fund to support your special interest.